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The origin of the World’s Poultry Science Association goes back to the early years of the 20th century with
the foundation of the International Association of Poultry Instructors on July 18, 1912. Although the main impetus for
the establishment of such an organization came from the UK and the USA, the 19 participants attending this first
meeting represented 14 nations – Australia, Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Ireland, the
Netherlands, Norway, Russia, the UK and the USA. At this meeting Edward Brown (UK) was named President and Raymond
Pearl (USA) the Secretary. Part of the text of the Presidential inaugural speech was reproduced in 1945 (World’s
Poultry Science Journal
 1: 6-8).
Among the subsequent landmarks in its history, the following summary illustrates some of the ways in which the
Association has responded to the many changes in poultry production, poultry education and poultry science that
have taken place throughout the twentieth century. Much of the information comes from a detailed account by Dr A.W.
Jasper (Association President 1974 – 78) in a paper published in 1978 (World’s Poultry Science Journal
 34: 9-21).

First World Poultry Congress

Due to the hostilities of the First World War, plans for an international gathering of poultrymen
in 1916 were abandoned. Thus it was not until the First World’s Poultry Congress held in the Hague, the Netherlands in
1921, that the organization started to become really active. The delegate list for this event shows 384 names representing
23 countries. The spirit of international collaboration established at that time has continued to be a strong characteristic
of the Association ever since. The series started in 1921 at three-year, and later, four-year, intervals has now reached twenty-one.
The XXIIIrd will take place in Brisbane, Australia, June 29-July 4, 2008. From the first, these scientific and technical events have
been associated with exhibitions of poultry and the commercial sector, so helping to strengthen the bridges between science and practice.
The sequences of World Poultry Congresses and Association officers holders appear as well. In 1927, at the third Congress,
in Ottawa, Fred C. Elford became the Association’s second President, Edward Brown having been confirmed in that office
in 1921 and again at the second Congress in Barcelona in 1924. In 1928, the name of the organization became the World’s
Poultry Science Association.

World’s Poultry Science Journal

In 1928, and in order to improve the ways in which it achieved one of its primary objectives –
the dissemination of knowledge – the organization began publication of its own journal. This was the International
Review of Poultry Science which was published biannually in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) and ran for 13 volumes up
to 1940. The editors were Dr B.J.C. Te Hennepe (The Netherlands) and Dr Gustave Heuser (USA). In the spring of 1945
publication was resumed, but with a new name, the World’s Poultry Science Journal, and on a quarterly basis. The first
editor, Gustave Heuser (1945 – 1957), was also Secretary-Treasurer of the WPSA and worked in the Poultry Science
Department at Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y., USA – the institution which was the journal’s first printer.
There was a Publication Committee of five – M.A. Jull (Chairman, U. of Maryland), L.E. Card (University of Illinois),
J.H. Martin (Purdue University), L.W. Taylor (University of California, Berkeley) and J.W. Kinghorne (War Food Administration
Office of Distribution, Washington). Gradually the committee was enlarged and made international. At the present time,
the Editor is supported by an Assistant Editor – the post having been initiated in 1996 – six Associate Editors and 20
members of an International Editorial Board. The publication frequency of four issues each year continued from 1945
until the end of 1980. For the following 16 years the journal was published three times each year, returning to a
quarterly frequency with volume 53 in 1997.
As indicated under Objectives, the World’s Poultry Science Journal publishes review articles on virtually all aspects
of poultry production and poultry science. While some reviews are commissioned by the editor, the majority are unsolicited.
See Notes for Contributors
published at the back of each issue of the journal for details of requirements for the submission of papers.

Formation of Branches

Following a suggestion by Dr W.P. Blount (UK) in 1946 (World’s Poultry Science Journal
2: 113), the first national branch of the Association was formed on October 23, 1946. At that time
the two countries with the largest WPSA membership (each around 100) were the USA and the UK. In both there was a
rapidly developing interest in poultry production and poultry science. In the USA the long established Poultry Science
Association was providing a forum for discussion and a focus for activity, so it was logical that the first branch should
emerge in the UK. Very soon other countries also formed branches and today there are over 80.

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