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WPSA Pakistan Introduces Women’s Wing

The World Poultry Science Association of Pakistan recently launched a women’s wing to support women’s progress in the poultry industry.

The platform is led by Fareeha Talha, northem Pakistan’s first female veterinarian and the first woman to take on an entrepreneurial role in the Pakistan poultry industry.

Dr Talha told Asian Poultry Magazine that Pakistan’s women’s wing is the first among WPSA branches around the world

Women in South Asia contribute significantly to the poultry sector, but they have little representation in professional bodies and decision-making forums. Thus, the women’s wing is an important step for female veterinarians to progress within the industry, she said. “I have always wanted to become a female role model in the industry. My team at WPSA is filled with brilliant, hard-working women, and soon they will lead the way for others to follow

“The women’s wing will also allow women in the industry to contribute freely and work independently, she explained.

Growing numbers

The number of female vets has been rising,

though many are unable to continue in their roles due to family pressures. Dr Talha said the industry can help by offering female. vets jobs as lab workers, farm managers, nutritionists and researchers.

“Every step towards involvement of female vets in the industry will be a step towards development of the industry and its female resources, she

said One of the biggest

challenges for Pakistan’s women’s wing will be to encourage the industry to invest in female vets as much as it does in men. It is also lobbying the veterinary council to add an entrepreneurship course in the syllabus of undergraduate students and arranging for hands on training for female veterinarians in the field.

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